Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jimmy Carter Is Not Even This Stupid.

In my wanderings this morning I am picking up the same vibe from everybody....but it's early.  Seems that the magic fairy dust around Obama is running out.

Is it possible that his hold on the faithful sheeple has finally been broken? 

I got an interesting take from a person yesterday who is moderate.  As we were pondering (as we usually do) about HOW could Obama think he could toss our military into a war in Libya and then run off to Rio and get away with it?.....She says to me "He did it for his ratings.  He thinks Americans love war (i.e. we're war mongers)  and that politically it would be a popular thing and help him get re-elected."

That stunned me and I had to think about it....but it does make sense.  Rush Limbaugh said the same thing. Whatever Obama does he does it for political purposes. He probably does think we would like beating up on Libya.  He thinks it makes him look tough and Reagan-like.

Only thing is....It backfired greatly.  He does not get it that we compare him more to Jimmy Carter.  Somebody in his inner circle convinced him that he was like Ronald Reagan and his ego told him that attacking Libya, a weak, almost toppled tyrant who would most certainly fall victim to his own people, would be a painless, easy war and he'd be able to benefit politically.

HA!  What a dope.  You know I hate to even say it....But even JIMMY CARTER is not that dumb.

He put OUR TROOPS in harms way for what?  He has manipulated events in the Middle East that will have great consequences to us for decades and he has no clue that he will go down in history as the one in charge when these events took place.  We will pay the price for his stupidity.  This emperor wannabe is going to be writing books and lounging on some private beach somewhere getting his feet rubbed some day and we're going to be fixing the harm he has done to our country.

My only concern is that our enemies don't take advantage while he's here.  Let us hope that we have guardian angels in our military and in our government that will keep our country safe despite its inept leader.

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