Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's Ghetto To Want The Ghetto

Democrats are so funny....HaHaHa...NOT. The liberals are spreading video around of a short statement by Reagan that supposedly shows he supported unions. Yeah? Ask the ELEVEN THOUSAND air traffic controllers he fired during their strike!!

I ran across this story yesterday regarding Jessee Jackson Junior.

We had to endure his father during my we have his nut case of a son to put up with. So every ghetto kid should have an Ipod and laptop? How about...GET OUT OF THE GHETTO! Oh, my bad. He WANTS them in the ghetto. If there were no kids in the ghetto he wouldn't have a voting base would he? Anybody think of that? The race-baiting industry giants are not convincing the majority of Americans that we are bigots. They are only preaching to their "pet" constituency. Every speech they give is designed to fire up the very kids sitting in the ghetto without laptops that they want to KEEP in the ghetto so they KEEP their jobs. The Democrats have a history of keeping its people in place...divided and in groups...angry at the rest of the world. JJJ even went as far as to say that we should change the constitution so that all the ghetto kids get all kinds of free stuff. I can just imagine what George Washington thinks about that.

We're at an important time. Most of our kids grew up not even thinking about race. Then the Democratic party decides to use this trumped up RAACIST strategy to stay in power. They want to create a dependent group of people who want to sit around on their arse and not work and have the government hand them everything. They want to destroy capitalism and they are willing to USE PEOPLE to get it done.

Never in our history have the communist left had such a good chance to win their fight. We cannot allow this to happen. We have to stand firm against their onslaught and we have to stand firm and NOT BACK DOWN no matter how intimidating and obnoxious they become.

Republicans have a tendency to back down from a fight. That is part of the structure of conservatives...albeit the name conservative. But we have to maintain a back bone and fight them hard. We cannot compromise. It was that compromising spirit that got us beat in 2006 and 2008. We have to remember that. We swept the floor of all the Republicans who were compromising and giving away the store. We have to keep that resolve and fight to get rid of the socialists and fight the thugs and Utopian Left who want to destroy our country. We cannot afford to wait until it is destroyed. We have to stop them before it goes too far.

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  1. That video of Jesse Jr. is a hoot! Thanks for the best laugh I've had all day!